is an idea taken from a trip, an inspiration throughout California, for a young, fresh and Italian. With soft fabrics and comfortable fit suitable for all forms. Gipsy soul, moved his being in prints, in the lines and in the mood and vagabond globetrotter. The one size fits all has been designed to be a ‘gift idea for any woman. And ‘this what they thought the designer, style to share and to be worn with the utmost simplicity and creativity.


Based in Tuscany, Forte Couture has emerged as a strong up and coming brand with a strong focus on Italian craftsmanship, sartorial expertise, quality production and innovative concepts. Forte Couture mixes the traditions of the past with new design concepts in each of the brands tasteful and creative collections.


Started as a family business in 1953, in Crevalcore, a manufacturing area near Bologna where the headquarters – a company-loft characterized by the atmosphere of a big country-house – is still situated. Addressed since the beginning to high-end stores, Roberto Collina brand distinguishes itself for the fine selection of quality materials and the use of luxury yarns – from mohair to cashmere, from alpaca to angora, from camel to super light merinos, from silk to ice cotton -, always respecting its hand-crafted origins and exploring from season to season the latest fashion trends.


is an expanding brand that looks like a fashion expression Made in italy. The excellent relationship between quality, image and price makes Nora Barth a brand that is constantly evolving. Stylish research and concreteness are the basis of this brand, which is presented on the market with its own distinctive and special look. A brand that lives the world.


is one of the best cashmere fashion brand in the world.Menswear and womenswear collections are made by the best cashmere fibers


Grimly and feminine, to be carried both day and night. And why not, change them even more than once a day!


Always contemporary, a symbol of an unconventional lifestyle since 2004, when the first shoe to use Dacron was produced, the material from which sails are fabricated, and still used today.